Worbla’s Kobra Cast Art


Worbla’s® Kobra Cast Art (WKA) – the transparent thermoplastic sheet by Cast4Art!

This material is incredibly flexible while it holds its shape very good at the same time. In addition like all the other products of the Worbla’s® Art Series it is non-toxic and solvent-free. The material should be heated to 80-90 °C (175-195 °F).

So it is strongly advised wearing working gloves with rubberized fingers while working with it!

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Convincing characteristics

  • Can be reactivated with heat as often as wanted to (best approx 80-90 °C / 175-195 °F)
  • The material stays a little flexible even after cooling down hence it is no problem separating it from negative moulds including undercuts
  • Can be sewn through quite easily for attaching e .g. fabrics,(faux) leather & furs and more
  • It is light-weight it can be used for stabilizing sub structures for bags, quivers, corsets and more
  • Several layers/ pieces can be connected e.g. with superglue, rivets, a soldering iron and more
  • Extremely flexible but inherently stable
  • Processing time up to several minutes, depending on the time of exposure of the heat
  • Simple, safe and clean handling when wearing gloves, also for beginners
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free and contains no hazardous substances
  • Can be dyed directly or painted afterwards
  • Leftovers can be re-used and under normal conditions it can be stored for years

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