At CosKraft SA we offer nation-wide shipping to all provinces within South Africa. If you fall outside of the South African borders please reach out to us and we can let you know if we can ship to your region and the cost.

Shipping fees start at a flat rate of R100 with final shipping costs dependent on the products included in your order. Products with a larger volumetric weight/ size will be charged a higher fee. Please see cost breakdown below.

Shipping Class Fee
Flat Rate R100
Jumbo Sheets R100
Large Sheets R85
Medium Sheets R70
Small or Starter Sheets R55

Orders using a flyer bag will be charged at the flat rate of R100 which is typically for small items including contact lenses, wigs, worbla deco beads etc.

If your order includes a jumbo sheet you will be charged the flat rate plus the jumbo sheet rate (R100 + R100). Orders including a medium sheet will be charged at the flat rate plus the medium sheet rate (R100 + R70). Shipping fees will never exceed R200 for any single order.

If you are unsure what your shipping will be, please feel free to contact us at

Note: Please keep in mind we try keep costs as low as possible, however as we use third-parties to ship products some fees are out of our control.